Follistatin 1mg


Improvements in bone density. Myostatin Inhibitor. Rapid muscle builder. Enhanced heailing. Increased strength

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Scientific Name:(Activin-binding protein)
Clinical Test Expectation : Improvements in bone density.Myostatin Inhibitor. Rapid muscle builder. Enhanced heailing. Increased strength
MG Strength: 1mg per vial

Follistatin (FST) is a secreted glycoprotein that was first identified as a folliclestimulating hormone inhibiting substance in ovarian follicular fluid (1, 2). Human Follistatin cDNA encodes a 344 amino acid (aa) protein with a 29 aa signal sequence, an Nterminal atypical TGF binding domain, three Follistatin domains that contain EGFlike and kazallike motifs, and a highly acidic Cterminal tail. Follistatin is a secreted protein that binds to ligands of the TGF-Beta family and regulates their activity by inhibiting their access to signaling receptors. It was originally discovered as activin antagonists whose activity suppresses expression and secretion of the pituitary hormone FSH (follicle stimulating hormone). In addition to being a natural antagonist, follistatin can inhibit the activity of other TGF-Beta ligands including BMP-2,-4,-6,-7, Myostatin, GDF-11, and TGF-Beta1. Follistatin is expressed in the pituitary, ovaries, decidual cells of the endometrium, and in some other tissues. Recombinant human Follistatin is a 37.8 kDa protein containing 344 amino acids.


The description is a detailed user-friendly and an easy guide that takes care of users who may not have any technical background knowledge of Peptides!

What is Follistatin 344?

Follistatin 344 is a widely used peptide.

  • It is simply put a protein that best works in performance enhancement for athletes.
  • It is attached carbohydrates and high amounts of non-essential amino acid cysteine.
  • This makes Follistatin 344 competitively unique compared to other steroids.
  • Therefore, a technical description of Follistatin 344 provides evidence that clearly shows unlike other synthetic performance enhancers, Follistatin 344 is adaptable to the human body and has minimal side effects.

How does Follistatin 344 work?

The amino acid cysteine present in Follistatin 344 inhibits the dominance of myostatin, another natural protein present in human beings that prevents muscle growth and weight gain. Therefore, Follistatin 344 suppresses myostatin hence achieving far above natural results in muscle growth and weight gain.

Apart from myostatin, there are other growth-inhibiting peptides in human bodies that Follistatin 344 suppresses hence achieving the desired results.

Follistatin 344 has gained popularity in the spheres of bodybuilding industry due to its above-average results to its users.

Why choose Follistatin 344?
There are several desirable reasons why you will choose Follistatin 344 compared to other body enhancers. Some of the most outstanding are:

  • The intake of Follistatin 344 will produce quick but lasting results
  • The gains of taking Follistatin 344 will last long after you stop taking the enhancer
  • Once you stop taking the protein, production of myostatin will resume
  • It is easy to administer
  • Its side effects are mild and short-term


Health benefits of Follistatin 344
Follistatin 344 as a natural protein comes with numerous health benefits. The benefits include:

  • Building lean muscles from the body tissue
  • Controls and inhibits the negative effects of myostatin e.g. fibrosis
  • Can be used intermittently and irregularly with great results
  • Short user cycles of ten days enable healing of any side effects hence favoring active athletes

Side Effects?
Unfortunalety, Almost every medicine has its side effect. An side effect includes the overuse of Follistatin 344, it may result in weak tendons.  Although, Follistatin 344 beats other performance boosters in that it has few side effects and drawbacks.

Follistatin 344 comes in powdered form and therefore you need to dilute it before administration. For best results, Follistatin 344 is administered through muscular injection targeting the muscle you wish to build.

It is advisable to store Follistatin 344 solution in a cool dry place most preferable a fridge. You can administer the solution for a period of up to seven days. For best results, one should use Follistatin 344 in cycles of ten days.

The advantages of the bodybuilding protein are numerous and with few and easy to address side effects. It is recommended for practicing athletes and bodybuilders.

Dosage Recommendation

Suggested dosage for vile size of: 1mg

Suggested Frequency of use: Ideally, to be taken every 3 days, for 10 to 30 days.

Where to inject: Injected into the body fat around the stomach area.

Suggested Injection Dosage per time: 100mcg

What Type of water to mix with? Bacteriostatic Water

How much water to add: 2ml

Suggested How to Mix the water and peptide together: 2ml of water into the syringe and inject it into the vial with powder, never shake, gently rotate the vial between your fingers until all of the powder has dissolved


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