D – Bol 100 MAX PRO 100 mg/ml (10 ml)


Active Substance: Methandienone 100 mg/ml Commercial Names: Anabol, Naposim, Metanabol, Metandienon, Metandrostenolon, Nerobol, Dianabol Steroid Class: Bulking Steroid Brand: Max Pro Country: Thailand. Read more at:

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Brand name: Dianabolin-Depot (Methandienone)

Generic name: Methanedienone , Methandrostenolone

Active ingredient: methanedienone or methandrostenolone

D- Bol 100 (Methandienone) is an orally relevant anabolic with a large reaction on the protein metabolism. D- Bol 100 (Methandienone) has a especially strong anabolic and androgenic effect showing a immense upsurge of vigor either muscle mass in its users.

Its chemical name is methanedienone or methandrostenolone either there are lots of dissimilar pharmaceutical either common assortments as well as Anabol also Danabol/Dianabolin-Depot.

D- Bol 100 (Methandienone) effects protein synthesis also maintains a increase of protein as a action. This setting responses in a positive nitrogen equilibrium which may either have a encouraging consequences on health.

D- Bol 100 (Methandienone) is a exceptionally strong anabolic, in terms of both androgenic either anabolic consequesnces on the user. The action of these effects will result in a large creation of muscle mass also power in a relatively swift period of time. That said, D- Bol 100 (Methandienone) major administration is in mass construction stacks.


Food shortage overexcited inspiration, grow vigor growth, adds red blood cells.


Efficient Measure

By tabs:

Men: 15-50 mg/day

Women: 5-10 mg/day

D- Bol 100 (Methandienone) has a short half life of only approximate 3-5 hours. As a response, numerous uses of D- Bol 100 (Methandienone) all over the day are essential to realize a steady blood level. D- Bol 100 (Methandienone) should either be taken with foodstuff in case is possible to diminish possible gastrointestinal hurting which may result from this medication use. D- Bol 100 (Methandienone) reaches the bloodstream within 1-3 hours.

As stated above, D- Bol 100 (Methandienone) is usually used in a mass construction pile to jump-start gets in muscle mass also power as well as to improve pumps. The standard is to utilize a measure of 15-40 mg daily for a period of 4-6 weeks for this purpose. D- Bol 100 (Methandienone) has not be used for extra than eight weeks at the complete maximum and merely under management from a specialist. Blood work is essential for every enhanced athletes, and for D- Bol 100 (Methandienone), such analusis’ are even very important. A full blood pane must be carried out prior to either once a phase and evaluated by a expert specialist.

D- Bol 100 (Methandienone) Only Cycles

D- Bol 100 (Methandienone) only phases are in general frowned upon. The cause for this is because it would need a great total of D- Bol 100 (Methandienone) to elicit increases related to those which may be made from a testosterone only cycle. As D- Bol 100 (Methandienone) has a characteristic of hepa-toxicity, such high doses are not be indicated.

Liver Safety Additions

Beneath is a list of additions which numerous competitors take to care their livers when taking D- Bol 100 (Methandienone). Be councious that sportspeople utilize these supplements when taking 17-alpha-alkylated anabolics in all aptitude – not just in big doses or over unlimited periods of time. These adds are a fine investment, because your health must be a top priority in your activity.

What Adds to Utilze With D- Bol 100 (Methandienone)?

Milk Thistle, Liv-52 and ALA (Alpha Lipoic Acid) are regularly administrated with oral 17-aa steroids to support with liver care. There are other “off-the-shelf” drugs accessible that propose a assortment of ingredients that can help with liver care whilst on cycle.

Important Information

D- Bol 100 (Methandienone) is frequently united with injectable testosterone products such as enanthate, cypionate, also sustanon, mostly to “kick-start” the cycle to develop getting in power mass, strength also advance muscle pumps before the longer acting above stated testosterone esters go into total action (this may repeatedly take some weeks or more, as in the case of sustanon, that contains 2 long acting esters which diminish its start time). A weight increase of two-four pounds every week for 6 weeks is regular when administrating D- Bol 100 (Methandienone) (jointed with good dient either preparation of course). This raise in mass consequences from the hypertrophy (growth) of muscle fibers, as well as water retention.


Female must not take D- Bol 100 (Methandienone) as significant virilization effects could arise.

While D- Bol 100 (Methandienone) has several probable bad symptoms, they are uncommon with a quantity of up to twenty mg daily. D- Bol 100 (Methandienone) affects a sizeable damage on the liver and big doses or use of over a large period of time, is liver-toxic. Even a measure of simply ten mg daily can increase the liver standards but after discontinuation of the medicine, but, the values come back to standard.

While utilizing D- Bol 100 (Methandienone) high blood pressure either a faster heartbeat can occur which may require the using of an antihypertensive remedy.

Adds using of Nolvadex also Proviron may be obligatory as well, while Dianabolin-Depot (Methandienone) strongly converts in estrogens.

Probable Side Results

Dianabolin-Depot (Methandienone) may activate a bad acne vulgar is on:

– the face,

– neck,

– chest,

– back,

– shoulders , since the sebaceous gland function is inspired. In case a inborn predisposition is present, Dianabolin-Depot (Methandienone) can either incease a possible hair failure.

After discontinuation of the ingredient, a significant failure of strength either weigth regularly happens while the liquid amassed through the using is once more emited by the corpse. In big doses forceful action in the consumer could inregularly be seen.


If overdose of D- Bol 100 (Methandienone) is detected, tell your local poison control center or emergency room at once.


Store D- Bol 100 (Methandienone) in a tightly closed bottle either away getting of children. Maintain D- Bol 100 (Methandienone) at room temperature also out from excess heat either moisture (not in the toilet).


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