Bulk Juice XR



The strongest bulking blend in the world. With just the right amount of injectable steroids and sarms, just one mL two times a week is guaranteed to pack on the size

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Bulk Juice XR (eXtended Release)

Androgenic:                                                650+
Anabolic:                                                   2300+
Estrogenic Activity:                                     High
Liver Toxicity:                                              Low
Half Life:                                               4-5 days
Drug Class:            Androgen; Anabolic steroid
Formula:              350mg per ml  = 100mg Trenbolone enanthate, 100mg Trestalone enanthate, 100mg    testosterone enanthate, 25mg LGD4033 Nano XR & 25mg YK11 Nano XR
Dosage:      0.5-1.0ml E3D or EOD for 10 weeks


Each one mL contains a total of 350mg of active ingredients:

100mg Trenbalone Enanthate

100mg Trenbalone Enanthate (MENT)

100mg Testosterone Enanthate

25mg LGD4033 Nano XR

25mg YK11 Nano XR

Bulk Juice XR was formulated to pack on the absolute most mass possible.  The combination of the Tren and MENT create an anabolic environment in the user that is unmatched by any other combination of AAS.  The addition of Nano XR LGD4033 and Nano XR YK11 create a synergistic effect targeting Selective Androgenic Receptors that will further cement the gains made from the other compounds.  Any one of these compounds on their own will likely increase the user’s mass by five kilograms or more throughout the duration of a two month cycle.  Combined, they are likely to create ten to fifteen kilograms of muscle mass.

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